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Finally, you have made up your mind to create a website for your business. Well, it’s a smart move because 56% of consumers won’t consider a business without a website. Besides, your business needs to be where it is easier to attract customers.
But, does it mean having a website is more than enough?
No, you need to have a rich and strong online presence to increase visibility and build business credibility. And to increase your online presence, you need to perform SEO analysis to know how your website is faring and what improvements need to be made to optimize its performance. You can achieve this with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Report

Analyze and strategize to be on the Top

We are successful in increasing your brand value, reputation and sales online.

Tracking and improving website traffic and SEO with Google Analytics not only helps assess your marketing efforts but also provides key insights for turning website visitors into customers. Here is a look at why Google Analytics is widely popular among SEO analysts throughout the world.

~ Google dominated the web analytics industry in 2021, with three of its web analytics technologies maintaining the top three positions in the global market. Google Analytics was first with a market share of 31.55 percent.
~ Google Analytics measures over 95% of genuine visitors.
~ In Canada 557,037 websites i.e., 28.12% of all websites use Google Analytics.


Expert Google Analyst for Your Business

Benefits of partnering with the best Google Analytics Experts


DelveGlobal, the leading digital marketing agency in Toronto, is widely known for its expertise in SEO analytics. Our comprehensive understanding of customers helps us to cut through the noise and get our message heard loud and clear. Backed by a team of experts in Google Analytics, we implement strategies to identify the data that matters to our clients and turn them into actionable steps to achieve their specific goals. We help create and implement result-oriented ad campaigns. Thus, with the help and support of our search engine optimization analysts, you would be able to:

~ Get reliable data to make informed business decisions
~ Track online performance and understand customer behavior to customize marketing efforts
~ Implement optimization techniques to boost traffic and maximize conversions
~ Analyze insights from Web as well as mobile apps
~ Minimize costs and maximize efficiency by tweaking marketing efforts

Our Data analytics consultants use Google Analytics and other industry standard tools to gather data and build strategies that bring your brand value, reputation, and online business growth

Precise and Accurate Data Always

Accurate data means accurate decisions. We collect precise data and statistics to understand the target customer’s area of interest and behaviour.

Smart Analytics Smarter Brands

Organic Search and Visit Data

How does Digital Marketing help Online Businesses?

Get More Leads and Sales Online

Boost Engagement

Generate conversations and meaningful discussions

Stronger Connections

Use social listening to nurture lasting relationships

Ensure Brand Loyalty

Build brand trust by being honest and transparent.

Increase Visibility

Reach more potential customers and drive up sales.

We collect data and statistics to understand their area of interest and behavior. Remarketing helps to target customers based on their interests and taste. Remarketing is a technique and the best way to bring your ads to show to your targeted customers who have already viewed your website.

We use our Online Display Advertising to help you to increase your brand awareness across the online platforms and bring a high conversion ratio using google data. Our team of experts uses the best possibilities with the GOOGLE CONTENT NETWORK

How to do remarketing using Google Analytic Data?

Google Analytics and Statistics

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